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Get A FREE Estimate On Towing Your Car With Towing Services From Ottawa Valley Towing  (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) has tow trucks in South Ottawa, St. Laurent, Downtown Ottawa & Orleans.  Customers to enjoy faster service and improves the chances of a tow truck being near your location.  To help reduce cost & improve call-out time, 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) matches your vehicle’s needs with the right kind of tow truck (rotator, flatbed, wrecker or wheel lift).  Call us and you can speak with the person towing your car. We make it easy to get an estimate on the price and provide accurate arrival times.

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No Surprises! Call For A FREE Quote On Towing Service

When you call 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) you’re connected to a tow truck driver who can give you an accurate price. Let us know your location, the make & model of your car as well as where you need to go and we provide an estimate on the cost. Our towing services in Ottawa are always priced fairly based on the time & distance. With a free estimate, you’ll know the price before we dispatch a tow truck.

Not An Emergency?

Lots of our customers prefer to get towing quotes via email. Schedule your tow and get a price online. Our dispatch will usually get back you on the same day and we can schedule a tow truck driver exactly when you need it. Getting a towing quote via email is perfect for scheduling non-emergency services. Planning on taking your car to the mechanic? To service Ottawa drivers better let us complete the service during off-peak hours.

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Why Choose Our Towing Company?

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Fast & Affordable

613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) has cheap towing prices on all tow truck services in Ottawa. We have tow trucks in Kanata, Nepean, Ottawa & Orleans so there is often a tow truck near you.  With quick response times you won’t be waiting long for a tow truck to arrive to your location.

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Wreckers & Flatbeds Available

613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) offers a wide range of towing services for small compact cars, SUV, trucks and heavy tows. Tell us the kind of car your have and we dispatch the appropriate kind of tow truck to provide your towing service.

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Professional & Trusted

613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) contracts professional tow truck drivers with the experience to safely transport your car, SUV or truck. As one of Ottawa’s most trusted towing companies you won’t regret choosing us for roadside assistance & car towing service.

Ottawa Towing Services

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24 Hour Towing

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Tow Truck

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Flatbed Tow Truck

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Auto Locksmith

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Battery Boost

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Breakdown Truck

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Long Distance Tow

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Roadside Assistance

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Tire Change

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Junk Car Removal

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Heavy Towing

More Tow Trucks Mean Faster Service In Ottawa

Call for Ottawa fastest & most reliable towing service. We have a large network of tow truck drivers so no matter your location, we arrive fast! Let us know the type of vehicle and let us find the right kind of tow truck to provide your service.

What type of towing service do you need?

Our most common towing services include car unlocking, battery boosts and tire changes. If we can’t get your car started then we can tow your vehicle to the mechanic or garage of your choice. When your car breaks down trust us to get your car, SUV or truck where it needs to be. We offer affordable towing services in Kanata, Nepean Ottawa & Orleans.
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Ottawa Towing Service FAQ

For More FAQ’s On Specific Towing Services Click The Link Or Visit Each Service Page

613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) Ottawa
Is 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) 24 Hours?

613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) works with many towing companies in Ottawa to provide 24 hour towing services & roadside assistance any time of the day.  Plus we are open 365 days of the year. 

Do I Need To Be With My Vehicle To Tow It?

You don’t need to be there when we tow your vehicle.  Just let us know when you call and we can make arrangements depending on the towing service you require. 

How Much Does Towing Cost In Ottawa?

Towing costs vary depending on the kind of damage to the vehicle, the distance towed and how much time. Basic service starts at $70 and increases depending on the type of tow & distance. 

For break downs, lockouts, battery boosts and tire changes we can let you know the exact cost.  For accident recoveries and winching services we will provide an estimate.

How Long Before A Tow Truck Arrives?

Tow truck arrival times can vary depending on your location and Ottawa traffic. Calling. 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) puts you in touch with our drivers so when you call they’ll give you an approximate arrival time based on how near they are to you. 

What Kind Of Tow Trucks Are Available?

We will send the appropriate tow truck to respond to your call. Roadside assistance and brokedown vehicles can be moved by wheel lift or wrecker tow trucks.  Damaged vehicles might require a flatbed tow truck and heavy trucks might require us to send a rotator crane.  

Can I Ride In The Tow Truck?

Yes, our wheel lift, wrecker & flatbed tow trucks can accomodate 1-2 passengers.  Let us know how many passengers we need to transport while calling our dispatch. 

Did You Tow My Car In Ottawa?

No.  We do NOT tow vehicles from private property or for the City of Ottawa.  If your vehicle is missing you can call Ottawa By Law (613) 580-2424 

Someone Is Parked In My Spot, Can You Tow Them?

Only Ottawa By Law can authourize towing cars on private property or that are parked blocking your driveway.  If someone is parked in your spot please call Ottawa Parking By Law: (613) 580-2424

What Towing Services Are Available In Ottawa?

613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) provides every kind of towing service including:

Car lockouts, batter boosts, changing flat tires, winching, recoveries, heavy towing and more. Visit our services page to learn about all the tow truck services we offer. 

Email us your details & Get A Towing quote Online

Looking for a quote on non-emergency towing services? Use the contact form to send us an email and we can get back to you with an estimate.  We can quote any tow by email but for emergency services and where time is important please call us for faster service. 

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24 Hour Towing Company In Ottawa

Get A FREE Quote on towing your car, truck or SUV anywhere in Ottawa.  We have tow truck drivers near your location.  Choose 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) for affordable rates and excellent service.