Ottawa Car Battery Boost Service

Get Your Car Started With a Jump Start

No matter the cause of your car’s dead battery, let our professional tow truck drivers help you get your car started with our fast battery boost service in Ottawa. With trucks across the city, there is a tow truck near you that can get your car started and test your battery.  Once we get your car’s battery running we let you try and start the car without our help so you’ll be confident you won’t need another boost next time you start your car. 

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Get Your Car Started Fast With a Battery Boost

Call for a free estimate on car battery boost services in Ottawa. We can get old car batteries started with our professional high voltage battery jumper packs. Even old run-down batteries can often be boosted with our special towing equipment.  Call for a quote on getting your car started with a battery boost.  We can boost car batteries, SUV batteries, truck batteries and we have even boosted 18 wheelers believe it or not! 

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Ottawa’s Best Roadside Assistance Towing Company

Don’t need a battery boost?  Check out our other roadside assistance services in Ottawa. 

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Auto Locksmith

Get your car unclocked fast with 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing).  The most effective car unlocking in Ottawa uses air bladders allowing us to unlock vehicles with no damage or scratches.

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Battery Boost

Car not starting? Let our tow truck drivers come and get it started. Our professional-grade car battery boosters are powerful enough to get most batteries started.

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Tire Change

Got a flat tire? Let a professional tow truck driver put on your spare tire while you wait safely inside your vehicle. 

Ottawa Battery Boost FAQ

Battery BoostFAQ
What Colour Goes On What Battery Terminal?

The red jumper cable goes on the positive (+) terminal and the black cable goes on the (-) negative terminal. 

Is Boosting A Car Battery Safe?

Using the proper equipment and following the proper safety procedures boosting your car’s battery is 100% safe.  There is no risk of injury or damage to your vehicle when hiring professional roadside assistance companies. 

I Tried Boosting My Battery & My Car Won't Start

Using a donor car as the power source isn’t very strong compared to our professional battery booster packs.  Often times our driver can get cars started when other companies failed!

What To Do After A Boost?

Leave the booster cables connected to both cars for at least five minutes before removing them. This will help charge the dead battery and reduces the risk of a power surge. 

Want A Cheap Price On Boosting Your Vehicles Battery?

Boosting car batteries isn’t exactly a high margin service but it comes with the professional responsibility of being a towing company in Ottawa. Let us provide you with the lowest possible price by scheduling your car’s battery service during a time that is convenient for us.  

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24 Hour Battery Boost Service

No matter the time of day 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) is ready to spring into action and get your car started with a jump start.  Let us test your battery for functionality and make a recommendation on its condition before we leave the scene.  We have a lot of experience working with old run-down car batteries so if you need some advice on the condition of your battery, alternator or ignition please don’t hesitate to ask.