Ottawa Car accident towing

Ottawa Collision Recovery Experts

We provide fast, professional and affordable recoveries for drivers involved in a car accident. Our tow truck drivers are insurance approved in Ottawa – so there are no surprises when the invoice arrives. The City of Ottawa by-law has prescribed tow service rates and issued a licensing system aimed at protecting drivers from predatory pricing.  We’ve never had a complaint about our prices and every invoice we submit to car insurance companies is paid without question.  If you need a tow truck after a car accident you can trust 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing).


613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) Flatbed Tow Truck On Queensway 417 Hiway

Car Accident Towing Procedures

Under Ottawa Towing By-laws a tow truck driver must get written permission to tow a customer or charge for any towing service.  This helps protect motorists and prevents drivers being taken advantage in a stressful and difficult situation.

Conveyance of the motorist while the vehicle is being towing

Recover and hook up the vehicle getting towed

Fuel & Mileage up to 20 km

Battery disconnect

Straps & chains as required by National Safety Standards

Vehicle jack and blocks

Standing time while scene is prepared by Ottawa Police

Accident scene clean up

Lot pull out & vehicle storage


Ottawa Collision Reporting Centre

Motorists in Ottawa are required to report any damages, injuries resulting from a car accident.  Our tow truck driver can assist you with that by taking the driver to the closest collision reporting center in Ottawa.  We deal with car accidents on a daily.  Let our drivers help out during this stressful and rare occurrence.  

securing car on top of flatbed tow truck

Ottawa Car Accident Recovery

613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) works 24 hours a day to provide affordable tow truck services to drivers involved in a collision. By the time you factor in waiting time, clean up, and vehicle extraction costs can add up.  Our invoices are submitted directly to insurance providers so you can trust that our rates are competitive and accepted by our clients. When you are driving in Ottawa and get into an accident choose the towing company you can trust. Call now.