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Vehicle Extrication Service

It sucks being stuck on the side of the road.  Our tow trucks can have your vehicle out of the woods and driving in no time! It doesn’t matter how your vehicle got into the situation our pros will get you out.  If you. car is disabled even after we get you pulled out we can tow your car to your mechanic in Ottawa.  Winching services are charged depending on the effort required to extricate your car.  As soon as we arrive on scene we can provide an estimate before we perform the service.  If you have and questions please don’t hesitate to call for more information or advice.  

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Winching Roadside Assistance?

Winching is necessary when other tow truck recovery options aren’t available.  Winching your car to safety should always be a last resort.  For vehicles that are stuck at steep inclines or in hard to reach areas winching is often the only way to recover the vehicle.  Let our professional tow truck drivers assess the condition of your car and determine what kind of service would work best. 

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Reliable Winching & Car Extrication In Ottawa

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Winching services in Ottawa count as an accident and are almost always covered by insurance companies.

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With tow trucks across Ottawa there is going to be one near your location in Kanata, Nepean and Orleans.

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Professional roadside assistance services available 24 hours a day with trained operators.

Ottawa Vehicle Extrication Service

When your car is stuck in a ditch let 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) drivers use our powerful hydraulic winch to tow you back to safety. We can recover your vehicle quickly and affordably. 

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 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Trust our experts to safely recover your car with a winching service.  We will assess the placement of your vehicle and discuss any risks to the chassis, undercarriage and body of your car before performing winching service.  Winching is always the last resort when it comes to vehicle recoveries but a bit of damage to your fender beats abandoning the vehicle.