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Car Unlocking Service

Locked your keys inside your vehicle?  No problem our professional tow truck drivers have all the tools needed to unlock any kind of car in Ottawa.  Best of all, our tools make getting your car unlocked very fast, very easy and very cheap!  Our methods are safe and WILL NOT damage your lock, car door or paint.  Emergency car unlocking services start at $69 but call with your location and vehicle make for a free quote. 

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How Do You Unlock Cars?

The most common method of unlocking cars in Ottawa uses an inflatable air bladder that slightly opens the door just enough to allow us to operate the lock. This is the fastest, cheapest and safest way of unlocking 99% of cars in Ottawa. This method is preferred because it eliminates the risk of damaging your paint or scratching the window glass of your car. 


Other Roadside Assistnace Service Available In Ottawa

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Roadside Assistance

Roadside services in Ottawa include car unlocking, battery boosts, fuel delivery & tire changes.  Fast & friendly at affordable prices. 

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Battery Boost

Car not starting? Let our tow truck drivers come and get it started. Our professional-grade car battery boosters are powerful enough to get most batteries started.

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Tire Change

Got a flat tire? Let a professional tow truck driver put on your spare tire while you wait safely inside your vehicle. 

Auto Locksmith Services FAQ

Auto Locksmith Service FAQ
How Do You Unlock My Car?

The safest and most affordable way to unlock cars is using an air bladder to slightly pry open the door.  

Does Vehicle Unlocking Scratch Paint Or Window?

No, we perform this service hundreds of times per year and there is never any damage 99% of the time. If we have any concerns about special cases we will inform you before any service is performed.  

How Much Does Car Unlocking Cost?

Car unlocking service in Ottawa starts at $69 and is usually no more than that. Give us a call with your information for a precise cost. 

Are There Other Methods Of Vehicle Unlocking?

There are other techniques and tools that can be used but they tend to be dated and only used in special circumstances.  A tool commonly known as a ‘slim jim’ allows us to unlock most locks in minutes without damage and compressed air can be used in some cases too.  

How Long Does It Take To Unlock My Car?

Once the tow truck driver arrives your car will be unlocked in less than 5 minutes. 

Not An Emergency? It’s Easy to Get A Quote On Car Unlocking Online 

Car unlocking services are pretty cheap, to begin with but for customers looking for the cheapest price in Ottawa why not schedule your vehicle unlocking service online and let us perform the service during slow hours.  

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Get Your Car Unlocked Fast!

Choose 613 Towing (Services Provided By Ottawa Valley Towing) to unlock your car.  With a large network of independent tow trucks operating in Kanata, Nepean and Orleans there is a tow truck driver near you! Call for a FREE quote and arrival time.  Car unlocking only takes a few minutes so call now.